Tower Light monitoring services are a very important function in keeping the airways safe for flight travel. TowerSentry is the oldest and most reliable tower light monitoring company.  TowerSentry clients include independent tower owners; common carrier, cellular, broadcasting, cable, utilities, gas and oil, municipalities, counties, departments of transportation, single tower owners, and governmental departments. Light monitoring service is a vital operation to our airways safety.

Obstruction light monitoring by TowerSentry is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year service. The wireless tower monitoring is done with a wireless box and cellular connection to report any failures of the obstruction lighting.  The monitoring system is a remote tower monitoring system that takes care of all functions of light monitoring needed per FAA regulations.

For owners with multiple cell tower sites TowerSentry provides the most comprehensive cell tower monitoring available in the industry. TowerSentry can also do windmill monitoring, solar tower monitoring, as well as any ancillary devices which need monitored on site. Tower marking and monitoring are essential to the safety of towers and must be trusted to a reliable, reputable organization, TowerSentry is that company.