Save Money!

How much money is your company spending on Quarterly Tower Light Inspections and/or tower site telephone lines?

In today's economy, it is more important than ever to invest wisely and spend carefully. TowerSentry can cut your current expenditures and save your company a serious amount of money.

TSMS TowerSentry® Tower Light Monitoring System


  • FCC approved System allows for the elimination of costly Quarterly Tower Light Inspections
  • Wireless Transmission of events eliminates the need for expensive telephone lines.
  • Wireless Airtime is included in our low monthly monitoring fee.
  • The TSMS Utilizes the Control Channel Of selected cellular systems. The Unit is always on---line, no dialing, no busy signals. Our Systems work in areas where others have failed.
  • Detects And reports intermittent problems before they become a major problem.
  • Smart Technology with second verification eliminates false alarms.
  • Remote Control functions allow TowerSentry® Operators to recycle lighting systems, verify proper mode of operation, and verify alarm events received before crews are dispatched.


  • With Over 25 years of experience, TowerSentry Is the oldest tower light monitoring service in the world.
  • TowerSentry's NOC (Network Operations Center) Is manned 24/7 by live personnel. Monitoring Is never "subbed out" to Central Stations (alarm companies).
  • Our Courteous employees are always ready to help meet your particular monitoring needs.
  • Events Received are prioritized, NOTAMs Are issued and tracked.
  • For Owners with multiple sites, a simple spreadsheet is emailed listing any newly issued NOTAMs Along with a list of existing NOTAMs. A simple review allows your personnel to keep abreast of vital information.
  • Monthly Tower Light Logs (required by the FCC) are generated and emailed each month.
  • TowerSentry's EnterNOC© Is a web based gateway to your tower site. Protected By username and password, the status of your tower lights is available with the click of a button.