Save Money!

How much money is your company spending on Quarterly Tower Light Inspections and/or tower site telephone lines?

In today's economy, it is more important than ever to invest wisely and spend carefully. TowerSentry can cut your current expenditures and save your company a serious amount of money.

TSMS TowerSentry® Tower Light Monitoring System


  • FCC approved System allows for the elimination of costly Quarterly Tower Light Inspections
  • Wireless Transmission of events eliminates the need for expensive telephone lines.
  • Wireless Airtime is included in our low monthly monitoring fee.
  • The TSMS Utilizes the Control Channel Of selected cellular systems. The Unit is always on---line, no dialing, no busy signals. Our Systems work in areas where others have failed.
  • Detects And reports intermittent problems before they become a major problem.
  • Smart Technology with second verification eliminates false alarms.
  • Remote Control functions allow TowerSentry® Operators to recycle lighting systems, verify proper mode of operation, and verify alarm events received before crews are dispatched.


  • With Over 25 years of experience, TowerSentry Is the oldest tower light monitoring service in the world.
  • TowerSentry's NOC (Network Operations Center) Is manned 24/7 by live personnel. Monitoring Is never "subbed out" to Central Stations (alarm companies).
  • Our Courteous employees are always ready to help meet your particular monitoring needs.
  • Events Received are prioritized, NOTAMs Are issued and tracked.
  • For Owners with multiple sites, a simple spreadsheet is emailed listing any newly issued NOTAMs Along with a list of existing NOTAMs. A simple review allows your personnel to keep abreast of vital information.
  • Monthly Tower Light Logs (required by the FCC) are generated and emailed each month.
  • TowerSentry's EnterNOC© Is a web based gateway to your tower site. Protected By username and password, the status of your tower lights is available with the click of a button.

For those who like to know the technical stuff…

TowerSentry's NOC went through a rigorous two year examination by the Federal Communications Commission to receive expeditious waivers for required Quarterly Tower Light Inspections. Here are just a few of the items TowerSentry® provided to the FCC.

TowerSentry utilizes robust enterprise class servers with triple automatic failover redundancy.

Each server has a mirrored hard drive and dual power supplies. In the event of a hard drive failure, the second hard drive automatically takes over. In the event of a power supply failure, the second power supply automatically comes on line. In the event of a major board failure, the hot standby secondary server automatically takes over. This server has the same full redundancy as the primary server. In the event the secondary server fails (highly unlikely), a third backup server takes over.

Each server power supply (six total) is supported by separate uninterruptible power supplies. An onsite backup generator provides power to our facilities in the event of a utility power failure.

Signals from your tower site are delivered to TowerSentry's NOC through multiple paths. Triple redundant Internet connection is provided by three independent sources: Direct Satellite, Cable, and DSL. Automatic signal failover is provided by copper Telco pots lines.

Digital alarm receivers accept signals from your tower site. These signals are processed by the servers, prioritized and displayed at multiple workstations staffed by trained personnel. NOTAMs are issued and tracked in full compliance with FCC rules and regulations.

Unlike monitoring systems that "Poll" data from your tower site once per day, TowerSentry's TSMS© actively monitors your system. Each tower site transmits a minimum of three signals per day providing the mode of operation (lights on, lights off/ day mode, night mode) along with a daily self-diagnostic test signal (providing radio signal strength in dbm).

Every tower site monitored is expected to report. In the event that a signal is not delivered, an alarm is brought to the attention of our monitoring technicians identifying that site.