Who We Are


TowerSentry Partners, LLC is a privately held corporation. Founded in March 1992, TowerSentry® is the oldest tower light monitoring company in the world. December 2014, TowerSentry was purchased by Hughey & Phillips, LLC, the industry leader in obstruction lighting. With the partnership formed, TowerSentry continues now, more than ever, to press forward as the standard for obstruction light monitoring.

TowerSentry® provides tower light monitoring nationwide. Our clients include a wide variety of tower owners; common carrier, cellular, broadcasting, cable, utilities, gas and oil, municipalities, counties, departments of transportation, single tower owners, and governmental departments.

In addition to obstruction monitoring, TowerSentry® provides monitoring of ancillary equipment critical to the tower owners needs.

When TowerSentry was formed as a company, certainly one of the objectives was to make a profit. Undoubtedly, it is the deep conviction of company owners that we must have an even greater objective that is far more important than any other; to protect and serve our customers and the safety of the public. This conviction has brought forth a value important to all companies: integrity, and a passion to provide the best possible service for a reasonable return.

A company is only as good as it’s commitment to provide high quality staff, products, service, and support.
— Rodger Roth, Founder